Onleihe app

With the Onleihe App you can read Onleihe eBooks, ePapers and eMagazines in the formats "ePub" and "PDF", listen to eAudio via Stream or Download and you can also use eLearning courses.


  • Operating System iOS 11 and up, Android 5.1 and up

    iOS 10.3.x on 32-bit devices is no longer supported by the current version of the Onleihe app. More about it here.

Installation of the Onleihe-App

You can find the free Onleihe App in the Google Play Store as well as in the App Store of Apple.

Selecting your library and logging in

Start the Onleihe-app and select "Menu" "Choose library" in the upper-left corner. You'll then have the option to scroll to select your library in the list, or
enter the name of the city or the library.
Login with the user data of your library.


Main menu / navigation

Open the menu via the icon at the upper left corner. Here you'll have access to various functions and the main navigation.

My Media

An overview of currently borrowed, reserved, downloaded or memorized titles.
The tab "On the device" is also available in offline mode and provides access to
all media downloaded from all your accounts on your current device.


You'll find an overview of the different categories your library / Onleihe offers.

My Account

View your currently selected account, your other accounts and your Adobe ID. In
addition, you will find an overview of your account in the "Statistics" tab.


Provides an overview of general notifications and the individual notifications of
your Onleihe. In addition you can see the imprint, the terms of use and data
privacy information.

Browse and search

Tap on "Menu" then "Browse". In this overview, the various categories of your Onleihe are displayed. 


The magnifying glass icon can be found on the top right of almost every page. Tap on it to start the search function.

You will see previous search terms if you have not yet entered a character.

As soon as you enter a character, an auto-completion will offer you matching search terms.

Tap on a term and you are immediately directed to the corresponding list of results.

If you want to edit an offered term, tap the arrow to the right of the suggestion.


You also can trigger an empty search. You'll recieve a list of all the titles that your Onleihe has to offer. Just leave the search box blank and tap "search".

Afterwards you'll be able to filter the results as you like.

List of results

The list of results incorporates all basic informations and functions of the listed titles. The media icons represents the media type for each title.

Titles that are not supported on the app are disabled and marked with an appropriate hint.

In the context menu  you'll find additional functions for each title.

With  you can sort the list in a different order.

If a title is available, you can borrow it directly from the list of results. Otherwise, you can reserve it via the
context menu.

Title menu / context menu

The context menu can be opened in various places throughout the app.
By using the context menu, you can select different options for a specific title. For example "Return early", "Delete from this device" or "Open externally".

Deleting a title

The function "Delete from this device" simply removes the file from your device. The title won't be returned early to your library. You can download the title
again as long as your borrowing is still valid. You can also delete an expired title from the device.

Extern reading apps

In order to be able to open a title externally, you need a DRM-capable reader app e.g. PocketBook and a valid Adobe ID.
Attention: The compatibility of the Onlehe app with third party apps may change due to current developments in the software sector.

Overwiev "My Media" and "Lend"

Once you have borrowed a title, it will be displayed in "My Media" "Lend". You will find every title you have currently borrowed in this list - regardless of
whether you borrowed it via eReader, App or PC. If you want to read a title, you can download it by using the "Load"-button.
The title will load within the built-in eBook-Reader. 
Alternatively you are able to open the eBook with an external reading-app by using the context menu "Open externally".
If you borrowed an audio-file you can start listening directly by tapping on "Listen".

Download or stream a title directly in the Onleihe app built-in player

You may listen to audio or music tracks directly via the integrated streaming player, or download them and listen later while being offline.
After borrowing a 
title, tap on "Listen" to start the stream.
If you like to download a title, open the context menu and select "Load". Both functions use the integrated audio player of the Onleihe app.

In addition to the usual player elements such as stop / pause, forward and back, the player offers additional options in the context menu:

  • Details: Opens the details of the current title.
  • Overall duration: Shows the entire playtime for an audiobook with multiple tracks.
  • Close player.
  • Sleeptimer activated

To use the sleeptimer, you can select different time settings: 5, 10, 15, 30, 45 and 60 minutes. To end the timer tap "Off". Open the context menu again to
see the remaining time. 


If you stop the playback manually (by tapping pause, bluetooth control, pulling the headphone plug or by an incoming call) the sleeptimer will stop as well.
You will have to restart the sleeptimer manually afterwards!

If you tap the back button, the player will remain active in the background and a small footer will appear.

Save your e-mail adress in your account for future reservations

In "My account", you are able to save your e-mail address for reservations.
Open the context menu of your currently logged-in account and select "Edit account". Enter and save your e-mail address in the new window.
This e-mail adress will be suggested for all your future reservations.

Switch account / add account

To manage your accounts open the main menu and select "My account(s)" or tap on your current account on top of the menu list. A new window will open.
Your currently active account is highlighted. In addition, you have a quick overview of your further accounts and you can select them by tapping on one.
You are able to create a new account using the "Add account" button.

If you have reached the maximum of 5 accounts a notification will be shown below. To add another account, you'll first have to delete one of the existing ones.
The account can be deleted by using the context menu.
With the context menu, you can also edit an account and give it an individual name.


Please note that your login has to be successful, otherwise the account creation will not be saved and the account will not be added to your list.

Authorize your Adobe ID

You can authorise your Adobe ID by opening the "Menu" then "My Account(s)"

Since version 5.6 of the Onleihe app for iOS it is no longer possible to store the Adobe ID. You'll find more about it here.

Link to the page

Tablets and smartphones are portable computers that operate with a touch screen. 
The difference from a tablet to a smartphone is a larger display and the usually missing telephone function.

Most tablets and smartphones are connected to an app-shop.

There you can install apps (applications). Apps are applications or small programs that make it possible to install a variety of features on the mobile device - for example a weather forecast or a playback application for music and movies.

These smartphones and tablets are compatible with the Onleihe

Almost all devices based on Android or iOS with access to the Apple App Store or Google Playstore are compatible with the Onleihe:

  • Apple devices with iOS 11 and up (iOS 10.3.x on 32-bit devices is no longer supported by the current version of the Onleihe app)
  • Android devices with Android 5.1 and up

To use the Onleihe, download the Onleihe app. The Onleihe app is free of charge.

Can the Onleihe be used with older versions of iOS and Android?

Yes, the use of eBooks, eMagazines and ePapers is possible with older software versions. Unfortunately, eAudios, eMusic and eVideos can not be used.

With a software version under iOS 11 / Android 5.1 you can not install the Onleihe app. Therefore please open to the page of your Onleihe via your mobile browser.
The browser Chrome is recommended. To open the protected eBooks, please install a reading app such as "PocketBook Reader".

Why doesn't the Onleihe app exist for Windows Mobile?

We have examined an implementation of the Onleihe app for Windows Mobile. Unfortunately, there is a lack of necessary technical components, e.g. to implement the audiobook player or the app's internal reader.

Due to the high technical barriers and the relatively low penetration of Windows Mobile on the market, for the time being, we have stopped the development.


A general overview of devices compatible with the Onleihe can be found at: What works on which device.

Access authorization with Android

Android adds permission to store and, above all, read files, internally and, above all, on external SD cards together -> Allow access to photos / media / files.
Android does not distinguish between whether this data is purely internally stored on the app or only for the app / call.
Until some time ago, these permissions were queried centrally in the installation bundled in the Play Store and you had to confirm this.
Since Android 6.0 or with apps designed for it, this has changed:
Since then, these permissions are typically requested at the time of use in order for the app to run, e.g. not directly after the installation.
You can also see the entire permissions of an app before installation in detail, in the Play Store on the detail page of the app just click on "Permissions -> View Details".
The access permissions have not changed, if you already used the Onleihe-App before, you already accepted them.

Android 5.0 and lower is no longer supported with the Onleihe app 5.7.1

With the next update of the Onleihe app for the Android operating system, devices with Android versions 5.0 and lower will no longer be supported.
Devices with the version 5.1 or higher are still compatible.

When using Android versions that are no longer compatible (5.0 or lower), an existing installation of the Onleihe app can still be used. However, new updates and the currently available version are no longer available in the Google Play Store for these devices.

Due to the growing demands of the Onleihe app on the Android operating system, we can no longer support these earlier versions. This includes in particular communication protocols, security requirements and an API change from version 5.1.

Clean reinstallation of the Onleihe app

In the following, a clean reinstallation of the Onleihe app is explained step by step. This can be used if a normal reinstallation of the app is not sufficient.

Please carry out all steps and leave nothing out, especially if individual steps have already been carried out in a similar way:

  1. Delete the cache and the data of the app in the device settings under apps > Onleihe > storage (only possible with android devices)
  2. Uninstall the app
  3. Switch off the device for a few minutes
  4. Install app
  5. Clear the cache and the data of the app again (see step 1)

Data usage while streaming

Streaming of audiobooks will possibly use up your monthly mobile data volume if you're not logged into your wlan.

You can find the file-size of an audiobook in the title detail page under "About".

To download a title - for later offline listening - activate "load" in the context menu (3 dots) of the audiobook.  

Difficulties with downloading eAudios on iOS

We are getting more and more feedback from users and libraries regarding downloading and streaming eAudios in the Onleihe app on iOS devices.

At this point we would like to point out the following important information again:

  • The update of the Onleihe app to version 5.6 for iOS devices has generally made the use of eAudios on Apple devices with iOS 14 versions possible again, but without solving the existing download difficulties.
  • With the Onleihe app version 5.6 the function of registering a Adobe ID in the app has been abolished.

Download of eAudios in the iOS version of the Onleihe app 
The download of various eAudios is not completed in the iOS app and the app sometimes crashes during the process. Mainly eAudios with large files and many individual tracks are affected. The app's internal download manager has problems with such files. Since the number of such eAudios on the part of publishers has increased sharply since 2019, the inquiries on this topic are also increasing.

The general rule is: the Onleihe app only starts another download of a single track if the one that has already started has been completed. So if a download is pending, the next one will get stuck at 0%. In any case, if you have a problem downloading an eAudio, first make sure that no previous download is pending and has possibly been canceled. You can do this by turning your device off for a few minutes.

If a download is started and the app is moved to the background via the home button, e.g. starting another app during the download can also cancel the download.

Update Onleihe app 5.7.1
With the app version 5.7.1 published on February 18, 2021, we have fundamentally improved the audio technology for both iOS and Android:

  • In the next few weeks, all eAudio titles will be revised step by step and then marked as “optimized”.
  • The optimized titles are easier and more reliable to stream and download in the background.

All information about the update can be found here.

External reader app "tolino" can no longer be used

With the update to version 5.0 (for iOS) and version 4.10.2 (for Android) of the external reader app "tolino", media from the online library can no longer be used in the tolino app.

Please use the eLibrary app for online lending media or another reader app such as "PocketBook", if you have updated to version 5.0 (for iOS) or to version 4.10.2 (for Android).
The eBook readers from tolino will continue to support Adobe DRM as well as the new copy protection method LCP/CARE from Onleihe.

Tolino decided to switch off the Adobe copy protection, as the copy protection system led increasingly to technical errors and is no longer needed within the tolino ecosystem.
According to the iOS app, which was published in March 2020, this will also affect the tolino Android app starting October 2020.

The eBooks that were purchased from tolino bookstores use a different copy protection system in the tolino app and are not affected by this.

eAudios suddenly stop in the Onleihe app

If eAudios are suddenly stopped for no apparent reason in the middle of playing in the Onleihe app player, this is mostly due to the device settings.

Please note the following:

  • The "background data" or "background activities" must be activated for the online loan app (only for Android)
  • The online loan app must be excluded from power or energy saving mode or similar options

Where and how the background data can be activated for an app differs depending on the Android version.
An overview of this, including step-by-step instructions, can be found on the official Google Play Help page under the article Turn on background data.

Intel Atom x86 architecture

Android devices with x86 based processors like Intel Atom are not compatible with the Onleihe app.
The Onleihe app is not available for these in the Google Play Store.

Devices such as the Toblino Tab 8, various tablets from Lenovo and the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 10.1 from 2013 are affected.


Almost all modern smartphones and tablets use ARM processors.

The x86 technology is not outdated but very uncommon in combination with mobile devices.

There will be no solution of the divibib for this issue.

iOS 10.3.x on 32-bit devices is no longer supported

Since the update, Apple devices with iOS 10.3.x that are still built with a pure 32-bit processor no longer have the option of accessing the current DRM of the eAudios and cannot use the Onleihe app with the update to version 5.6 any longer. The app crashes when opened.

The background is that 32-bit devices are no longer supported by many systems and software manufacturers. Since the Onleihe app was updated for iOS 14, this also applies to eAudio playback. Unfortunately, a technical check with our software partner showed that there is no way to bypass the missing hardware support.

The following devices are particularly affected:
- iPhone 5
- iPhone 5c
- iPad Mini 1st generation
- 4th generation iPad

Newer models, such as the iPhone 5s or the iPad Mini 2 and 3, already have the 64-bit system from Apple installed and are not affected by this.

A check has shown that it is unfortunately not possible to remove the old app version 5.6 from the app store, so that when the app is reinstalled on devices with iOS 10.3.x, the previous version 5.5.4 is loaded.

Is the listening progress of audiobooks synchronized between devices?

At this point the listening progress of audiobooks is not synchronized between different devices.

This feature will be implemented in a future update. de.etecture.ekz.onleihe.backend.c: User trapped (error code:305)

The error message " de.etecture.ekz.onleihe.backend.c: User trapped (error code: 305)" appears in the Onleihe app if the registration could not be carried out correctly.

Solution steps:

  • Signing out and signing in again in the app
  • Delete account in the app and create it again
  • Have the library check the validity of your user account

Listening to audiobooks in your car

Because of the copy protection it is not possible to copy the audio-files of the Onleihe on a USB stick for example and listen to the audiobook in your car.

The streaming or download of Onleihe audiobooks is only possible with the Onleihe app.

However we received some hints from Onleihe users on how you are able to listen to audiobooks in your car:

  • If your car radio is Bluetooth enabled, you can connect your smartphone to your car radio via Bluetooth.
  • If your car radio is not Bluetooth enabled, you can connect your smartphone via FM or Bluetooth-FM-transmitters. The transmitter sends an audio signal to an available radio station.
  • If your car radio has a 3,5mm cable connection, you can connect your smartphone via a 3,5mm audio cable.

Logging into your Onleihe account not working with Android 7.1.1

Researching this topic we found the following external pages:|

On these pages are descriptions of similar cases in which the use of Android 7.1.1, most likely in combination with system tools - like for backups - led to defect accounts. 

Possible solutions:

1. If you can still find your account under "My Account", please try deleting your account there.
After deleting the account, create the account anew in the Onleihe app and login again.

2. If you can find your account in the "settings" on your Android device under "General" → "Accounts" (names may vary between devices), delete your account.
After deleting the account, create the account anew in the Onleihe app and login again.

3. The last possible solution - that we know of - is the creation of a new library account through the library itself. 
We did receive feedback that this led to the desired results. This option should only be considered after options 1 and 2 did not help to successfully login into your account.

After a thorough examination of the issue, we can rule out other troubleshooting options, since the actual cause of the problem lies in the software version of the Android 7.1.1 operating system (see link above). Ultimately, this can only be remedied by Android through an update to correct the account manager.

Mediatype not supported

The Onleihe app displays all titles, even if those titles are not supported for the use with the Onleihe app.

This will be displayed with "Mediatype not supported".

These titles can still be borrowed, put on hold or put on your wishlist with the Onleihe app to use later, on another platform.

Setting an Adobe ID in the Onleihe app is no longer supported for iOS since the app version 5.6

As already announced many times, the Onleihe plans to gradually reduce the support for the Adobe DRM.

For the very few titles whose usage is well below 1% and which still require an Adobe ID, there is the option of using external readers such as PocketBook for example.

In version 5.6 for iOS, we have therefore brought forward a planned development step with which there is no longer any possibility of storing the Adobe ID in the app.

In the case of titles encrypted with Adobe DRM, an error message is currently displayed. These titles can still be opened externally and with the 5.7 update, the download of such titles will automatically lead to the option “Open externally”.

The same step will be implemented with the Android app in one of the next versions.

Sources of supply for the Onleihe app

Created on: 2021/04/23
Last updated: 2021/04/23

The Onleihe app can only be downloaded from the Google Playstore or the Apple App Store.

We do not make the apk files available on any other app stores or websites and we do currently not plan to do so in the future.
We have generally refrained from such an option for the foreseeable future. Should the market develop completely differently, we will of course reassess this.

Swallowed syllables in eAudios in the Onleihe app

Created on: 2021/02/24
Last updated on: 2021/06/16

Since the Online app was updated to version 5.7.1, syllables are occasionally swallowed when changing chapters in some eAudios.

Interim solution:

  • Activation of the "total playing time" in the context menu of the player.

Root cause:

  • The conversion and merging of the many individual tracks can lead to unclean transitions. Therefore, in these cases, the last syllables / letters are sometimes cut off. We are working on a correction of these unclean transitions.

Titles in the Onleihe app require Adobe DRM

Created on 2021/03/15
Last updated on: 2021/03/15

With some eBooks, eMagazines or ePapers, the following message appears after tapping the “Load” button:

“This title is only available for Adobe DRM. Would you like to open the title externally? "

To be able to load the title anyway, it is sufficient to cancel the message with “No” and then try again. The app may also have to be restarted.

We are already investigating the cause of this.

Titles with expired loans appear greyed out

Titles with expired loans or titles which have been returned early are still on the device in form of a file, since we don't delete files on your device automatically.

If you want to delete a Title from your device you can do this via the context menu by activating "Delete from this device".

Update Onleihe app 5.7.1 for iOS and Android

On February 18th, 2021 we have published a joint update of the Onleihe app for iOS and Android.

The following new features and improvements are included in the Onleihe app 5.7.1:


  • Fundamental revision of the eAudio technology
  • Titles marked “optimized” can be streamed and downloaded reliably and faster
  • All eAudio titles will be gradually "optimized" over the next few weeks
  • Titles marked “optimized” can be reliably downloaded in the background


  • Minimum requirement increases to Android 5.1 or higher
  • Fundamental revision of the eAudio technology
  • Titles marked “optimized” can be streamed and downloaded reliably and faster
  • All eAudio titles will gradually be "optimized" over the next few weeks
  • Titles marked “optimized” can be reliably downloaded in the background
  • Title detail pages show additional titles by the author and the series
  • New menu item “Settings” with the option to choose between “My Media” and “Recommendations” as the start page
  • Adobe DRM has been removed from the app, external opening is still available

Some optimized eAudios cannot be downloaded/streamed correctly after the update. More about it here.