Created on: 2020/03/10
Last updated on: 2021/03/10 

Most eReaders are equipped with WiFi and a web browser.

You can borrow eBooks directly with the device and thereby avoid using a PC. The eReader Onleihe is a specially designed version of your Onleihe for the eReader, which focuses on a simple way to browse, borrow and discover titles on the fly.

This manual covers a PocketBook eReader.

The Chapters 1-4 can differ visually and functionally from other eReaders. If you are using a different eReader, check the manual of your reader in regards to these topics.


  • eReader with enabled WiFi

  • Adobe ID

  • Internet Access

Switch on WiFi

On the start page of your PocketBook, tap on the "Notification area" at the top and tap on "Wi-Fi" to switch on the Wi-Fi.

Then choose the network that applies to you in the list. If necessary, enter the corresponding WiFi key. You can also tell whether the WiFi is switched on by the symbol at the top right.

The web-browser of the eReader

Open the menu of your Tolino and select "Web browser".

Enter the address of your Onleihe in the browser. Then, tap "Go" on your keyboard.


Save the adress of your Onleihe

Then open the browser menu and tap the "Add bookmark" icon. This saves the current page as a favorite and the icon turns black.

If you open your browser in the future, you will not have to enter the address again. Simply tap briefly on the bookmark symbol and select the page of your eLibrary from the list of your favorites.

You can also call up the eReader Onleihe directly with:"your onleihe"

Example for Hessen:


Please log-in with the user data of your library.

If your library is part of a consortium, select your library first. To do this, tap the "Library" field.

In large consortiums it is recommended to enter the name of your city in the field above. After entering the first 3-4 characters your library's name will be suggested to you. You can also skip the login procedure via the X at the top right. A log-in will be mandatory if you want to borrow or reserve a title.

You can enter the umlauts ä, ö and ü by pressing and holding the letters a, o and u.

You can also skip the login via the X at the top right. Logging in is then unavoidable at the latest when you borrow or reserve a title.

My Media

After your log-in, the "My Media" page will be opened. Here you have an overview of your currently borrowed and reserved titles. Tap "Read" to download a borrowed title directly to your device. Reservations can be found at the end of the list. They can also be edited or deleted.

Tap on "Wishlist" to see the titles you've put on your wishlist.

If you want to search for a new title, tap the "Search" icon at the top.



If you select the box of a category, e.g. "Mystery Stories & Thriller", that category will open on the next page. Afterwards, you may choose whether you want to see the "Top titles", "New" or "Last returned" titles displayed in a list of results.

Click on "More" to see the complete list. Use the search field above to start a search within your chosen category.


Select the search button to search for a title or term. Below the search field, a history of your latest searches is displayed. To start a search for one of these terms, just tap on them. As soon as you start typing a new term, titles and authors will appear as an auto-suggestion, which you can also select by tapping on them. If you are content with your terms you are able to initiate by tapping "search".


Search settings

If you'd like to adjust the settings of your search tap the button "settings" in the search mask. You can change settings for: availability, language, and sorting of your list of results. Select the desired setting and tap "Save settings". These settings are also saved for your future searches*.

When search settings are active, you will notice that the symbol is black and a number will indicate the number of settings you have set.


List of Results

By triggering a search, you will get a list of results.

Should a title be unavailable, you may place it directly on your wish list.

Available titles can be borrowed directly. To do this, tap "Borrow" and then select the desired loan period. If you selected a period, tap "ok".

Tap the cover of a title to see details.

Details page

On the details page you will find general information about availability, content and the author of the title.

If the title is available, you can borrow it here directly.

If it is unavailable, you may place a reservation. While borrowing a title, select the desired loan period in days and press "ok".

Tap "More information" to access more information for example: about the number of copies your library owns, a reading sample, ratings, and the exact bibliographic information.

First loan with new DRM / CODE entry

We have revised our eReader Onleihe.

This makes it easier for you to use DRM authentication with your eReaders from now on.

For all titles encrypted with our copy protection that you can open on your eReader, you will find an individual 4-digit CODE in the eReader Onleihe, as indicated in the examples below:

The CODE in the following pictures is only an example!

In the detailed view of the title:

After borrowing:

Under "My Media" in the account:

This CODE has to be entered once for each Onleihe account and device and can be reset by loading the factory settings.
All further downloads from this account to the device take place without further inquiries.

After you have tapped on the "Read" button in the eReader Onleihe, the *.lcpl file of the eMedium is first downloaded and saved under "Downloads" in the browser.

Tap on the name of the file to start the actual download of the eMedium.

The following query is displayed in order to enter the CODE, which is called "Password" on the PocketBook:

The 4-digit CODE must be entered in the "Password" field.

After entering the code in the field and confirming with "ok", the eMedium is opened.

If the CODE is entered incorrectly, the following message appears:

In this case, simply tap again on the cover of the eMedium on the start screen of your PocketBook to open the window with the CODE input again.

Borrow and download a title

If you've found a title that suits you, tap "Borrow" in the details or in the list of results. You will see a message which indicates that you have successfully borrowed the title.

To download the book right away tap "Read book now". After the download, the eBook will open automatically on your device. If you don't want to download the title right away you may tap "My Media" to get to the overview of your loans and reservations.

If you want to go back to the details of the title you just borrowed, tap the X in the upper right corner.

Reserve a title

In available titles can be reserved. You will be notified by e-mail as soon as it is available. To do this, select the "Reserve" button on the details. If you already assigned an e-mail address to your account, it will be automatically be pre-filled for the notifications e-mail.

If not, enter your address in the field and select "submit".

After a successful reservation you may tap "My Media" to go to the overview of your loans and reservations. Here you can view, delete, or change the
settings for your reservation at any time.



Tap on "Recommendations" to see new titles, top titles and last returned titles for the entire stock of your Onleihe.

Tap "More", to see all titles of that list.

My account

Tap on "My Account" to get information about your account. You may...

  • save an e-mail address for your reservations, to not re-type it every time.

  • change the language, if this feature ist enabled for your Onleihe.

  • look into the terms of use and data privacy information.

  • open the imprint.

  • get in contact with your Onleihe.

  • open this manual.

  • log out.

Adobe ID

To be able to read an eBook with a copyright protection you'll need an Adobe ID.

To do this, tap on "Apps" on the start page of your PocketBook, select "Settings" and then the item "Accounts and Synchronization".

Create an Adobe ID      More information about Adobe ID


Then tap on "Adobe DRM" and then on "Add Adobe account".
Now enter your Adobe ID and the corresponding password in the fields and then tap on “Activate”.

After a successful registration, the message "Authorization successful" appears.