We are getting more and more feedback from users and libraries regarding downloading and streaming eAudios in the Onleihe app on iOS devices.

At this point we would like to point out the following important information again:

  • The update of the Onleihe app to version 5.6 for iOS devices has generally made the use of eAudios on Apple devices with iOS 14 versions possible again, but without solving the existing download difficulties.
  • With the Onleihe app version 5.6 the function of registering a Adobe ID in the app has been abolished.

Download of eAudios in the iOS version of the Onleihe app 
The download of various eAudios is not completed in the iOS app and the app sometimes crashes during the process. Mainly eAudios with large files and many individual tracks are affected. The app's internal download manager has problems with such files. Since the number of such eAudios on the part of publishers has increased sharply since 2019, the inquiries on this topic are also increasing.

The general rule is: the Onleihe app only starts another download of a single track if the one that has already started has been completed. So if a download is pending, the next one will get stuck at 0%. In any case, if you have a problem downloading an eAudio, first make sure that no previous download is pending and has possibly been canceled. You can do this by turning your device off for a few minutes.

If a download is started and the app is moved to the background via the home button, e.g. starting another app during the download can also cancel the download.

Update Onleihe app 5.7.1
With the app version 5.7.1 published on February 18, 2021, we have fundamentally improved the audio technology for both iOS and Android:

  • In the next few weeks, all eAudio titles will be revised step by step and then marked as “optimized”.
  • The optimized titles are easier and more reliable to stream and download in the background.

All information about the update can be found here.