What is an Adobe ID and what do I need it for?
The digital rights management of the company Adobe has established itself as the standard for protecting eBooks. Most eBooks which can be bought or
borrowed through various plattformsuse this kind of copyright protection.
To be able to use these eBooks you need a registration for Adobe: the Adobe ID. You have to authorize all the devices you would like to use for reading wit
h this Adobe ID. That's for example: your PC, smartphone, tablet or eReader.
If all your devices are authorized with your Adobe ID, you can use your eBooks on any or all of them at the same time. You can authorize up to 6 devices
with your Adobe ID.
Click here to register an Adobe ID for free.

Software-update (on the device) and the Adobe ID
An update to the device or the used operating system may have an effect on the Adobe ID.
Since the Adobe ID allows for up to 6 registered devices per Adobe ID, it connects each time to the Adobe Servers when an ID is authorized with a device,
to exchange encoded information about the used operating system, drivers and software.
If the previous update causes too much of a difference between what was previously linked to the Adobe ID and what is now being authorized, then this
may be interpreted as a new device which causes the device counter to go up.
Ideally you deuathorize your Adobe ID before you start a bigger software update. This deletes the connection between the device and the Adobe ID, so
there is no, possibly wrong interpretation, about the state of the device.

Click here to get support from Adobe regarding the Adobe ID.
To contact the Adobe support via Adobe chat to reset your Adobe ID for example, please pick "contact us" there.
You have to log in with your Adobe ID there, to contact the Adobe support.