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Last update: 24.09.2019

The Onleihe-app enables you to use eBooks with the format "ePub" and "PDF", eAudios as stream and downloads, as well as eMagazines.


  • An operating system with at least iOS 10.x or Android 4.4

You are using an older operating system and can not install the Onleihe-app?

Older operating systems of iOS or Android are still able to access eBooks, eMagazines and ePaper without the Onleihe-app. Read more here: Using the Onleihe with outdated devices.

Install the Onleihe-app

You'll find the Onleihe-app in google's Play Store, as well as Apple's App Store. The Onleihe-app can be downloaded and installed for free.

Authorise your Adobe ID

You can authorise your Adobe ID by selecting "Menu" → "My Accounts".

Select your library and login

Start the Onleihe-app and select "Menu" → "Choose library" in the upper-left corner. You'll then have the option to scroll to select your library in the list, or enter the name of the city or the library.

Log in with the user data of your library.


Main Menu / Navigation

Open the menu via the icon at the upper left corner. Here you'll have access to various functions and the main navigation.


My media

An overview of currently borrowed, reserved, downloaded or memorized titles. The tab "On the device" is also available in offline mode and provides access to all media downloaded from all your accounts on your current device.


You'll find an overview of the different categories your library / Onleihe offers.

My accounts

View your currently select account, your other accounts and your Adobe ID. In addition, you will find an overview of your account in the "Statistics" tab.


Provides an overview of general notifications and the individual notifications of your Onleihe. In addition you can see the imprint, the terms of use and data privacy information.

Browse and search


Tap on "Menu" → "Browse". In this overview, the various categories of your Onleihe are displayed. In the top gallery you will always find the eMagazines.

With a tap on "more" a further page with an overview of all available eMagazines is provided.


The magnifying glass can be found in almost everywhere on the top. Tap on it to start a search. You will see previous search terms if you have not yet entered a character. As soon as you enter a character, an auto-completion will offer you matching search terms. Tap on a term and you are immediately directed to the corresponding list of results. If you want to edit an offered term, tap the arrow to the right of the suggestion.

You also can trigger an empty search. You'll recieve a list of all the titles that your Onleihe has to offer. Just leave the search box blank and tap "search". Afterwards you'll be able to filter the results as you like.

list of results

The list of results incorporates all basic informations and functions of the listed titles. The media icons represents the media type for each title. Titles that are not supported on the app are disabled and marked with an appropriate hint. In the context menuyou'll find additional functions for each title. With  you can sort the list in a different order. If a title is available, you can borrow it directly from the list of results. Otherwise, you can reserve it via the context menu.

Refine your search

Every list of results can be refined by using the filter function. The filter function is located above the the list of results and will open by taping on the icon:

In the filter menu various filters can be activated by a simple tap. Others will open another layer of categories behind it. The list of results will update automatically in the background. The remaining facets also adjust so that filters don't contain empty categories. Facets without results will be hidden from the menu, and reappear if the facets change.

Title menu / context menu

The context menu can be opened in various places throughout the app.

By using the context menu, you can select different options for a specific title. For example "Return early", "Delete from this device" or "Open externally".

Deleting a title

The function "Delete from this device" simply removes the file from your device. The title won't be returned early to your library.  You can download the title again as long as your borrowing is still valid. You can also delete an expired title from the device.

Overview "My Media" and "Lend"

Once you have borrowed a title, it will be displayed in "My Media" → "Lend". You will find every title you have currently borrowed in this list - regardless of whether you borrowed it via eReader, App or PC. If you want to read a title, you can download it by using the "Load"-button. The title will load within the built-in eBook-Reader. Alternatively you are able to open the eBook with an external reading-app by using the context menu "Open externally".

If you borrowed an audio-file you can start listening directly by tapping on "Listen".

Reading a title in the internal reader

Download an eBook and tap on "Read". The title will be opened in the internal reader.

The reader has the following functions:     

  • Settings for text and frame (usually for PDF documents disabled).
  • Configure brightness and background.
  • Show page number.
  • Bookmark a page.
  • Search the document.

Use the menu button in the upper left corner to call up the additional menu:     

  • Table of Contents.
  • Create and manage your bookmarks.
  • Direct page selection.

Download or stream a title directly in the built-in player

You may listen to audio or music tracks directly via the integrated streaming player, or download them and listen later while being offline. After borrowing a title, tap on "Listen" to start the stream.

If you like to download a title, open the context menu and select  "Load". Both functions use the integrated audio player of the Onleihe app.


In addition to the usual player elements such as stop / pause, forward and back, the player offers additional options in the context menu:    

  • Details: Opens the details of the current title.
  • Overall duration: Shows the entire playtime for an audiobook with multiple tracks.   
  • Close player.
  • Sleeptimer activated.

To use the sleeptimer, you can select different time settings: 5, 10, 15, 30, 45 and 60 minutes. To end the timer tap "Off". Open the context menu again to see the remaining time.


If you stop the playback manually (by tapping pause, bluetooth control, pulling the headphone plug or by an incoming call) the sleeptimer will stop as well.You will have to restart the sleeptimer manually afterwards!


If you tap the back button, the player will remain active in the background and a small footer will appear. 

Save your e-mail in your account for future reservations

In "My accounts", you are able to save your e-mail address for reservations. Open the context menu of your currently logged-in account and select "Edit account". Enter and save your e-mail address in the new window.

This e-mail will be suggested for all your future reservations.

Switch account / Add account

To manage your accounts open the main menu and select "May accounts" or tap on your current account on top of the menu list. A new window will open. Your currently active account is highlighted. In addition, you have a quick overview of your further accounts and you can select them by a taping on one. You are able to create a new account using the "Add account" button.


If you have reached the maximum of 5 accounts a notification will be shown below. To add another account, you'll first have to delete one of the existing ones. The account can be deleted by using the context menu.

With the context menu, you can also edit an account and give it an individual name.



Please note that your login has to be successful, otherwise the account creation will not be saved and the account will not be added to your list.