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Last updated: 12.10.2017

Since 2016, the Onleihe offeres eLearning as a new media type. You can borrow courses on your Onleihe and will be redirected to the platform of the original content provider, where you can use the courses.


Mobile usage

Using eLearning on mobile devices is possible. However, we can not guarantee the functionality with all currently available mobile browsers. Use for your mobile devices is for example possible on the mobile browser "Chrome".

Always use the Onleihe site to continue your course

Please, always start your eLearning course through your Onleihe. A direct access to the page of an eLearning provider is not possible as your user data and your learning level won't be transferred.


Some eLearning providers require the Flash Player plugin to access the content through your browser. If Flash is not installed, you will see an error message when trying to play a video. You can install the plugin here.

LinguaTV-Evaluation Test

LinguaTV offers a free evaluation test. HERE you can find your current language level.

Find an eLearning course

You will find all the eLearning courses your Onleihe offers for borrowing by:    

  • clicking on the media icon "eLearning" on the start page.

  • triggering a quick or advanced search and select "eLearning" as the media type.

Borrowing a course

If you found a course you like, click "Borrow now".

Log in

You will be prompted to log in to your Onleihe. Select your library and enter your user number and password.

The exact input form of the usernumber and password can differ for each library and therefore can be different from the example shown below.

Learn on the provider's platform

Click on "Begin course". You will be redirected to the platform of the eLearning provider.

How to use a course from IWDL - Ich will deutsch lernen

The exercise board

The lessons are arranged according to their difficulty like a board game. Move the cursor over the individual areas to get detailed information about the different levels of difficulty. Select an area with the level of difficulty you need. You can select A1, A1 + ABC with excercises for reading and writing, A2, B1 and German for business (Deutsch für den Beruf). The area will now be displayed in detail.


Each lesson consists of a video and 4 exercises. After the 4 exercises, follows a short quiz to check whether you have understood the lesson before you proceed to the next lesson.

The game fields will be marked depending on whether you have begun an exercise or completed it.

    (from left to right: not yet begun; partly finished; finished)

Start Lesson

Click the video field of the first lesson where you would like to start. The video will open in a new window.


Click on a field next to the video to start an excercise. Your figure will move to the selected field. A new window will open.

Select the exercise you would like to perform and press play. Solve the exercises in the newly opened field. The exercises may include text, video and sound contents.

Click repeat ("Wiederholen") to retake the exercise. Click forward ("vorwärts") to move on to the next one.


Using the menu to the right of your exercise, you can:

  •  Print the exercise (drucken).
  •   Put the excercise on your watch list (Lernkartei).
  • Put the vocabulary of the exercise into your vocabulary notebook (Wortschatz).
  • Add and save a personal note to the exercise (Notiz hinzufügen und speichern).
How to use a course from LinguaTV
Registration at LinguaTV

If you have borrowed a course from LinguaTV for the first time, you are prompted to choose a registration type on the website of LinguaTV. You have the option of an anonymous registration (Anonym registrieren) and a full registration.

If you choose the anonymous registration, you do not need to specify any further personal data. However, due to this type of registration, any future support from the provider LinguaTV won't be possible. You also won't get a certificate, after a successful completion of a course due to the lack of personal data.

It is necessary that you visit the website again after completing the registration by using "Begin course" once more in your account on the Onleihe. If you chose a full registration, you have to confirm the activation of your account via email.


My LinguaTV (Mein LinguaTV)

After beeing redirected to LinguaTV you will see an overview of your borrowed courses from LinguaTV. Select the course you want and click start ("Starten").

Select a lesson

Each course consists of several lessons. Select a lesson by clicking on a video. The video player will open in a new window.



Click on the "Exercises" icon in the upper left corner of the player to open a quiz for your lesson.

After the quiz you can exit the window by pressing close ("beenden") in the upper right corner.

How to use a course from lynda / video2brain
Start a course

After beeing redirected to video2brain / Lynda, you borrowed course will open immediately. You can either start with the first lesson or select another lesson from the left side overview. Lessons you already started will be marked with a small eye icon.

Beneath the video player, you will find further information about the author, the course, a transcript of the video, as well as the offline function and additional exercise files.

Close the player

You can leave the course simply by closing the tab. A warning will be displayed that claims that your progress won't be saved. You can confirm this with exit page ("Seite verlassen"). As described above, the eye icon shows which chapters you have already visited.

If you have further questions about Video2Brain / Lynda you can consult their FAQ here.

How to use a course from Lecturio

A course of the provider Lecturio consist of several learning videos, which are presented by a tutor with an accompanying presentation. Each video consists of several chapters, which are marked in the videos timeline.

For each video you will be able to take a small quiz.

Using your course

After the redirection from the Onleihe the video player will immediately open. If you just started the course, the player will begin from the top. In case you already used the course, the player will return to the last part, where you stopped before.

The functions of the player

  •   Jump to the next chapter within the video.

  •   Jump to the previous chapter within the video.

  •   Adjusting the speed of the player.

  •   Jump 30 sec. forward.

  •   Play/Pause.

  •   Adjust volume.

  •   Adjust video quality.

  •   Switch to full screen mode.

On the video timeline, the chapters are marked and can be selected by a simple click.

Chapter overview (Kapitelübersicht)

Click on chapter overview ("Kapitelübersicht") to see a list of the the chapters of your current video. Click on a chapter and the video jumps directly to the specific chapter.

All lectures of the course (Alle Vorträge des Kurses)

Click on all lectures of the course ("Alle Vorträge eines Kurses") to see a list of all lessons from your course. Click on the desired video to start.

Quiz overview (Quizübersicht)

Click on quiz overview ("Quizübersicht") to open a quiz for your current video. The quiz consists of multiple-choice questions. Choose an answer and click on check answer ("Antwort prüfen") to check your results. continue with "Next" to the next question. At the end of your quiz, you will get an overview of your answers.