Some informations on accessibility using the Onleihe

Is the Onleihe accessible? The answer is "yes". Most of the media offered through the Onleihe are accessible for handicapped persons. We are working constantly to improve this service.

Web Onleihe
You can navigate the website of your Onleihe using screen readers and borrow a title.

eBooks and Adobe Digital Editions - PDF and ePub

Adobe Digital Editions 3.0 and above are designed to work with assistive technologies on Mac and Windows such an JAES, NVDA, Windows-Eyes or Voice Over for Mac. Version 3.0 and above are designed with support for full keyboard controls (tab navigation and shortcuts), improved text enlargement, and support for high-contrast modes. Shortcuts are listed in the Getting Started eBook that is installed along with the Adobe Digital Editions.

Streaming eAudios, eVideos and eMusic via PC:

The streaming web player can be controlled via screen readers. The web player starts playback as soon as it's opened, so that no further action on the user's side is necessary. The "space bar" can be pressed to pause the playback. All buttons as well as the current position in the audiobook, are read aloud by mouse over.

Onleihe App

The Onleihe app is currently is accessible, as the menu and navigational elements support the assistance systems used within the operating systems themselves. We are working on further improving upon those elements. Due to technical limitations of the DRM systems, the usage of screen readers is currently not supported. eBooks can therefore not be read aloud.

Accessibility and DRM

The access of all ebooks which are provided by the Onleihe to all users is our goal. The digital rights managment we are obliged to use, is one probably the biggest reasons which makes it difficult to reach that goal. However as of today,  a lot of the media on the Onleihe can be accessed easily and we are working constantly to improve this service.