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Your WebOnleihe has a new, tidy look. The website now resembles the well-known Onleihe app. With the visual redesign, we have also improved the user experience.

Library selection and login

Open the web page of the Onleihe you are using via your Internet browser. You will find the login area directly on the start page. There you have the option to select your home library from the list of libraries belonging to this Onleihe. Then log in with the user data of your library.

Browse and search

The new WebOnleihe offers you various options for browsing and searching. You can access various offers, such as subject areas and new entries, directly on the start page.

The permanent page navigation allows a direct search for media types. Furthermore, a targeted search via the search field is possible. You will find the magnifying glass symbol in the upper area. As soon as you have pressed this button, you are in the search. Search terms from your previous searches are displayed here. The media type can also be selected here.

You can also trigger an empty search. With an empty search, you automatically receive all the titles that your Onleihe has in stock as a hit list. Simply enter nothing in the search field and start the search. You can then filter the result according to your wishes.

Hit list and filter

The hit list, which is generated after a search, shows you all the basic information and functions clearly. This can be sorted according to different points. The media icons show the media type.

In the hit list area, you can further refine your search result using various filter functions. You can access the filter function using the corresponding icon above the hit list.

In the comprehensive filter menu, you can activate various filters and select deeper categories. To activate the two filters "Availability" and "Plus titles only" you can simply move the slider to the right.

In the further filter menu you can select different criteria. After applying the filter, the hit list is automatically updated in the background. The remaining facets are also adjusted. Filters that no longer contain hits are automatically hidden. Resetting removes the selected criteria from the filter.

Lending, Reservations, Notepad

Once you have found the right title, various functions are available to you. Using the context menu (three-point button), you can place media on your notepad. A click on the cover or the Borrow/Flag button gives you access to the detail page of a title.

On the detail page, the "Content" and "Info" tabs provide more detailed information on the selected title. In addition, you can borrow the titles here, make a note of them and put them on your notepad.

After borrowing, making reservations and filling in the notepad, you will find the selected media in your media account. You will find every title you have borrowed, reserved or put on your notepad in your media account - regardless of whether you have selected it via eReader, App or PC.

Media account

You will find your way immediately in the new media account: Loans, reservations, e-learning and memos are clearly listed. The notepad is now also permanently linked to your account, so that you always have your personal list of desired titles at hand. The user account also contains the lending conditions and a direct link to your library's website and contact details.


Links in the new ReDesign become visible by mouseover. This changes the color of the corresponding word. For example, by clicking on the author in the detailed view of a title, all titles written by the author are displayed.

Burger Menu

The Burger menu can be accessed via the context menu (three-line button). Here you have access to further information about Onleihe, such as current topics in our :userforum.