The following formats are currently used in the Onleihe:

  • eBook & eMagazine & ePaper: PDF or ePub    
  • eAudio & eMusic: audio stream or audio download    
  • eVideo: video stream


eBooks in PDF format have fixed line and page breaks. eBooks with tables, graphics and pictures are especially suited for the usage of the PDF format. However, due to the fixed page layout, PDF eBooks are less suitable for mobile devices with smaller displays.

When choosing the format, please notice that currently two PDF formats are available. Only one of the two PDFs is readable on mobile devices.


The ePub format is suitable for any reader, as it can adjust to any screen size. It is especially useful with pure textbooks, such as novels.  

Audio Stream / Video Stream

Audios and videos which are used as stream via the Onleihe-App or the browser are available in this format.

Audio Download

Audios can only be downloaded via the Onleihe app. A special format is used to ensure copyright protection. Therefore, the titles may only be used within the build in eAudio player.

Additional information about the eBook format AZW for the Amazon Kindle:

AZW: Amazon uses their own eBook format with its own DRM. Unfortunately, we can not offer the AZW format via the Onleihe. Due to their DRM protection the eBooks purchased at Amazon can only be used on the Amazon reading devices, such as the Kindle.