Kindle eReader

Unfortunately, the Kindle eReader is not compatible with the Onleihe.

Amazon has developed its own format for eBooks with its own copy protection: The KFX / AZW. The Kindle eReaders can only read this format. With this Amazon has developed a closed system.


With a Kindle, you can only read eBooks that you have purchased from Amazon, or that do not have a copy protection, and can therefore be converted to the required format.

We use the ePub format and a copy protection from Adobe which is a european standard. Our eBooks are therefore compatible with all other eReaders on the market.

Kindle Fire Tablet

Likewise the use of the Onleihe with a Kindle-Fire Tablet is not without difficulty, since you can not install the Onleihe app. Read here on how you can use the Onleihe with a Kindle Fire Tablet.