Where are the user ratings displayed?

User ratings are displayed on each detail page of a title. Depending on the design of each individual Onleihe, the appearance might be slightly different.

Regardless of design, the ratings are based upon the well known 5 star rating system. Which means: the more stars are chosen the better the titles has been liked.

Additonally the number of given ratings is displayed above the ratings. This number represents all ratings made across all Onleihe sites, not just the individual one.


Within the Onleihe-App the ratings are already displayed in the various result lists in the right top corner.

How can I submit a user rating?

User ratings may only be issued while a title is borrowed. You can submit a rating in your account overview.

In the account overview "Mein Konto" you'll see a rating scale under earch title, where you can choose the desired rating and submit it with clicking "rate"/"Bewerten". Above the rating scale you will see the current average rating of that title.

User ratings may only be send while using the web-onleihe. The same function is still in development for the app.

How is the average rating calculated?

The ratings of a title are beeing update once a week (every saturday). Here, all rating from all Onleihe-systems are beeing collected and saved.

Afterwards the displayed average rating is beeing calculated by:

  • Generating the sum of all ratings and dividing it by the number of ratings
  • following a multiplication by 10

The displayed stars and hence the average rating are calculated based on this value. Which means an average rating of 30 to 39 is displayed with 3 stars, above 39 it is displayed with 4 stars, and so on.

Using an example:

  • The title "Forest" has 100 ratings
  • The sum of all ratings is 342
  • The sum (342) divided by the number of ratings (100) is: 3,42
  • Multiplied by 10 make it: 34,2 als the ratings-value
  • Using the above mentioned logic to display stars, the title will be shown with 3 full stars as the average rating