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Tablets and smartphones are portable computers that operate with a touch screen. The difference from a tablet to a smartphone is a larger display and the usually missing telephone function. Most tablets and smartphones are connected to an app-shop.

There you can install apps (applications). Apps are applications or small programs that make it possible to install a variety of features on the mobile device - for example a weather forecast or a playback application for music and movies.

These smartphones and tablets are compatible with the Onleihe

Almost all devices based on Android or iOS with access to the Apple App Store or Google Playstore are compatible with the Onleihe:

  • Apple devices with iOS 9.X or higher
  • Android devices with Android 4.4 or higher

To use the Onleihe, download the Onleihe app. The app is free of charge.

Can the Onleihe be used with older versions of iOS and Android?

Yes, the use of eBooks, eMagazines and ePapers is possible with older software versions. Unfortunately, eAudios, eMusic and eVideos can not be used.

With a software version under iOS 9.X / Android 4.4 you can not install the Onleihe app. Therefore please open to the page of your Onleihe via your mobile browser. The Chrome browser is recommended. To open the protected eBooks, please install a reading app such as Pocketbook, Bluefire or Aldiko.

Why does'nt the Onleihe app exist for Windows Mobile?

We have examined an implementation of the Onleihe app for Windows Mobile. Unfortunately, there is a lack of necessary technical components, e.g. to implement the audiobook player or the app's internal reader.

Due to the high technical barriers and the relatively low penetration of Windows Mobile on the market, for the time being, we have stopped the development.

More informations are available in our overview: What works on which device.