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Here you will find everything you need to know about the media types "eMagazine" and "ePaper":

What are eMagazine and ePaper?

eMagazines are digital magazines and ePaper are digital papers that you can borrow on your Onleihe.

The specialty about eMagazines and ePaper

eMagazines and ePaper have the following sepcial features compared to other media types:     

  • Loan period: The loan period is determined by the publisher of the ePaper or eMagazine and can not be changed by your library. The loan period for eMagazines is 1-2 days depending on the title and 1-2 hours for ePaper.

  • Number of issues: The number of issues a library is allowed to give acces to at any given moment of an eMagazine or ePaper is also determined by the publisher e.g. not more than the last 7 issues are made available.

  • Daily contingent for ePaper: In contrast to the other media types, ePaper have a daily contingent of available borrowings for each issue. This number of possible borrowings per day is also determined by the publisher. Usually it contains 12-24 daily borrowings. For example: If a library has purchased 1 license of an ePaper, a contingent of e.g. 24 loans available daily. For 2 licenses, it would be 48, etc. If the daily contingent is exhausted, the ePaper can not be borrowed until the next day.

eMagazines and ePaper are available in the PDF format. You have the following options:     

Technical possibilities of use

You can read eMagazines and ePaper on a vast variety of devices:

  • Tablets and smartphones: The eBooks of the Onleihe can be read on tablets and smartphones. Download the free Onleihe app for iOS or Android.

  • eReader: Currently, all available eReaders are compatible with the Onleihe. The only exception are the Kindle device, since its producing company Amazon only allows it's reading device to open copyright protected titles with its own format - AZM.

  • PC and Notebook: The eBooks of the Onleihe can be used with Windows, Mac and Linux computers. 

More information on the compatibility of the media types with different devices can be found in our overview: What works on which device.