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With software version 14.0.x, Tolino has introduced the optional BETA feature "tolino reading experience". When it's activated the error described here no longer occurs.

Therefore, if this error occurs, we recommend updating the Tolino to the latest version and activating the above mentioned feature.

All information on this can be found in the article Tolino Update software version 14.0.x.

The following error can occur with some titles, but only on Tolino readers: 

"An error has occured and all actions have been aborted. Please try again later or restart your tolino"

If you try opening the title again, there will be a message displayed that the title may include multimedia content that could lead to errors.

Even if you press "yes" to load the title anyway, the title will not be loaded.

The message about the possible multimedia content in the title is not the actual error.

This message only indicates that the format of the title is "ePub3", which could include multimedia content.

In eBooks from some publishers, such as the Ullstein Verlag, a corresponding note will appear indicating the ePub3 format of the medium.

There are several options to read titles with this error:

1. You can read them in the Onleihe app on Smartphones or Tablets with Android or iOS.

You find a manual for the Onleihe app here: Borrowing with the Onleihe app

2. You can download the URLLink.acsm of the title to your PC and then transfer this URLLink.acsm to your Tolino via cable.

To do this, your tolino has to be authorized with an Adobe ID.

Step by step instructions:

  1. Delete the file of the affected eBook from your Tolino eReader.
  2. Open the browser on your PC and log into your Onleihe account in the Web Onleihe of your library.
  3. Press "Herunterladen / Download in ADE" of the affected title.
  4. Connect your Tolino to the PC with the usb cable that was supplied with the Tolino.
  5. Go to your "downloads" folder on your PC and then transfer the URLLink.acsm file from your PC to the Tolino in the "books" folder.  
  6. Disconnect the Tolino from your PC and start the Tolino.
  7. The book should be loading now and you will be able to read it.