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Page: Access authorization with Android Markus Ulm 16.05.2020
Page: Android 5.0 and lower is no longer supported with the Onleihe app 5.7.1 divibib-support 09.02.2021
Page: Clean reinstallation of the Onleihe app divibib-support 09.02.2021
Page: Data usage while streaming Markus Ulm 16.05.2020
Page: Difficulties with downloading eAudios on iOS divibib-support 18.02.2021
Page: eAudios suddenly stop in the Onleihe app divibib-support 10.02.2021
Page: External reader app "tolino" can no longer be used divibib-support 19.10.2020
Home page: FAQ Onleihe app Markus Ulm 16.05.2020
Page: Intel Atom x86 architecture divibib-support 19.01.2021
Page: iOS 10.3.x on 32-bit devices is no longer supported divibib-support 19.01.2021
Page: Is the listening progress of audiobooks synchronized between devices? Markus Ulm 16.05.2020
Page: Listening to audiobooks in your car Markus Ulm 16.05.2020
Page: Logging into your Onleihe account not working with Android 7.1.1 divibib-support 02.02.2021
Page: Mediatype not supported Markus Ulm 16.05.2020
Page: Setting an Adobe ID in the Onleihe app is no longer supported for iOS since the app version 5.6 divibib-support 20.01.2021
Page: Sources of supply for the Onleihe app divibib-support 23.04.2021
Page: Swallowed syllables in eAudios in the Onleihe app divibib-support 16.06.2021
Page: Titles in the Onleihe app require Adobe DRM divibib-support 15.03.2021
Page: Titles with expired loans appear greyed out Markus Ulm 16.05.2020
Page: Update Onleihe app 5.7.1 for iOS and Android divibib-support 24.02.2021