Depending on the issue and the contents provided in an ePaper or eMagazines, the files of those can exceed serveral hundred megabytes. Extrem loading times might be expierienced in addition, as some issues use large images or special fonts. Those issues might cause - depending on the device - massive inconviences while loading or using the titles. In extrem cases the device might freeze or crash entirely.

Especially old devices - which otherwise might still run fine - are prone to such issues.

As the experience regarding the usage of eJournals is dependend on device and titles/issue, we decided to not show any ePaper or eMagazines on the Onleihe until a satisfactory usage can be guarenteed.

You are still able to load and copy an eJournal issue to your device, by using ADE on your PC/Laptop and connecting said device via USB.