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In PDF exportieren

An early return of a borrowed title before the end of the loan period is possible for the following media types:     

And only if you selected the format ePub or PDF for Adobe Digital Editions.

Why isn’t there a return button in the user’s account next to the title?

The return has to take place where the licence is ultimately used and saved. That way the licence distribution can be sure that the copy is returned and cannot be used on this device.

Return of english titles

The early return of a title from the supplier Baker & Taylor is not possible, due to technical differences in the setup of the DRM system.

The return can be carried out using the following programmes/apps which have been tested and verified:

Adobe Digital Editions

To return your eBook early, open up Adobe Digital Editions.

Right-click on the eBook that you want to return and select "Return borrowed item" ("Ausgeliehenes Medium zurückgeben"). The eBook will be removed from your device and your Onleihe account, and can be borrowed by other users.

Tolino eReader

You can return a title with any Tolino eReader. The firmware version 1.9.0 and above is required.

Tap and hold the title you wish to return, then choose "Return" from the pop-up menu. The title will be available for the next user and disappear from your account.


Press the "My Media"  button in the main side navigation. Afterwards the app will jump directly to "on the device". Here press the context menu of the title you want to return, and then choose "Return early".

It is requiremed that the title has already been downloaded to your device. If this has not yet been done, you are prompted to "Load" the title first.

External Reading-App: Bluefire Reader


To return a borrowed eBook with Bluefire Reader, first bring up the list view in the above right corner of your screen. There will be several further options here.

Click onto the play-icon next to the eBook which you would like to return. Click onto "Return" ("Zurück") to give back the eBook. The eBook will be deleted from your device and your Onleihe account, and can be borrowed by other users.



In the Bluefire Reader click onto the information icon next to the eBook which you wish to return. Then click on "return item" (Datei zurückgeben").

Click again on "Return" ("Zurück"). The eBook will be deleted from your device and Onleihe account and can be borrowed by other users.


External Reading-App: Aldiko Reader

In Aldiko Reader click on the eBook you wish to return and keep your finger pressed on the title until an options menu appears above.

Then click on "Menu" in the above-right corner and select "Return loan item" ("Geliehenen Artikel zurückgeben"). Confirm by clicking on ‘ok’.

The title will be deleted from your device and your Onleihe account, and can be borrowed by other users.


The return may also works with other eReader apps. The only requirement is that the software you are using supports this feature.

What should I do if the early return doesn’t work? Read here what to to.