It can be the case that Adobe Digital Editions (ADE) doesn't start and a new installation of ADE does not help.

If this is the case, the cause of this could be a corrupt .config file in the folder "Adobe_Systems_Incorporate".

ADE creates this file anew, every time you launch ADE. This process can create a corrupt file and thus prevent ADE from launching.

A deinstallation of ADE does not remove this file.

The following steps are a possible way to solve this issue:

  1.  Close all ADE related processes in the Microsoft Windows task manager alternatively deinstall ADE
  2. Delete the directory: C:\Users\(YourAdministratorName)\AppData\Local\Adobe_Systems_Incorporate\
    If you can't find this directory, you need to activate the display of hidden files.
    You can find informations from Microsoft on how to do this here.
  3. Reinstall and / or start ADE

If you are using windows with a different language setting, the path of the directory will be different.

Please execute caution if you try this solution.

We will not be held responsible for possible damages that occur because of deleting/changing of files/directories.