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Last update: 10.10.2017



Amazon Kindle

The Kindle eReader is not compatible as it does not support the standard open format regarding eBooks (ePub) and its copyright protected version. Using the Onleihe is only possible with the tablet PCs versions: Kindle Fire and Kindle Fire HD with a workaround.

You can find instructions here.

Sony Readers PRS-T1 to -T3

The additional software "Sony Reader for PC / MAC" which was used to transfer copyright protected eBooks to Sony eReaders is no longer compatible with current DRM standards. The eBooks of the Onleihe can therefore no longer be downloaded with this software. A workaround using Adobe Digital Editions is possible. Read here what you need to do.


Using Linux the usage of ePub formats is currently limited. To enable the usage of ePub formats, you need to install the emulations software ‘Wine’. 

Installation of Adobe Digital Editions

To install the free software Adobe Digital Editions (ADE) you have to select the relevant Installer for your system.  Adobe Digital Editions

Click on "Run" (Ausführen). Tick the box stating: "I accept the licence agreement" (ich akzeptiere das  Lizenzabkommen)  and then two times "Continue"’ (Weiter ).


Provide a target destination and click on "Install" (Installieren). Click on "Finish" (Beenden) and then on "Done" (Fertig) .


Creating an Adobe ID

Click on "Help" (Hilfe) → "Authorise this computer..." (Computer autorisieren) .


If you do not have an Adobe ID, click on "Create an Adobe ID" (Adobe - ID erstellen). You will be led to the registration page of Adobe. Type the information required into the relevant fields. The email address entered here will be your Adobe ID in future.  Make a note of your password. You will need it for the next step. Then click on "Create" (Erstellen).

Information on Adobe-IDs

The Onleihe uses the copy protection (DRM) of the Adobe company to protect its eBooks. To read eBooks from the eLibrary on your eReader you therefore need an Adobe ID. With this ID you can authorise all the devices you want to use for reading the books available in the eLibrary (up to six devices  are possible).


Authorising Adobe Digital Editions with your Adobe ID

Return to "Adobe Digital Editions": Enter your Adobe ID and password and click on: "Authorise" (Autorisieren). Then select "OK".


Tip: Deleting authorisation

If you want to delete the computer authorisation, read here: Remove Adobe ID / deauthorize ADE.

Select a title

Go to the Onleihe page of your library. When you find a title you would like to borrow select a loan period and click on "Borrow now". If the eBook is available in several formats, please also select a format.

If a title is unavailable, you can reserve it and you will be notified by email as soon as it becomes available.

Log in

Select your library and login with the userdata of your library.


The exact input form of usernumber and password can differ for each library and can therefore be different from the example shown below.


Then click on "Download".
Select "Open with" (Öffnen mit) → "Adobe Digital Editions". → "OK".


Each internet browser reacts a bit differently to the download options

The window doesn’t appear? This probably means that the browser has already saved the data. Go to the "Downloads" folder. The downloaded data is called URLLink.acsm. Right-click on the data and select "Open with" → “Adobe Digital Editions".

The "Open with" function does not come up? Select "save as" and save the data in a location where you will easily find it again, e.g. on your desktop. Then go to the place where you have saved it. The downloaded data is called URLLink.acsm. Right click the data and select "Open with" → "Adobe Digital Editions".

Transfer with Adobe Digital Editions

Adobe Digital Editions starts up and the eBook is directly opened. You will now be in read only mode. Click on "Library" (Bibliothek) to return to the menu. Connect your eBook Reader with the computer with a USB cable. After a short time your Reader appears under the heading "Devices" (Geräte).

Click on the eBook and pull it via "Drag and Drop" onto the eBook Reader icon. You  can now separate the eReader from the PC and start reading.


For a successful transfer, the Adobe ID must correspond to the eBook Reader in  "Adobe Digital Editions". Normally the Adobe ID on the computer will be automatically transferred to t he Reader. If this is not the case, you need to authoris e the Reader in the menu with your Adobe ID.
Return eBooks

At the end of the loan period the eBook will return to the library by itself.

To return your eBook early, open up Adobe Digital Editions. Right-click on the eBook that you want to return and select "return borrowed item" (Ausgeliehenes Medium zurückgeben). The eBook will be deleted from your device and your Onleihe account, and can be borrowed by other users.