If an eBook does not disappear from your account after you have returned it, you get the error message E_LIC_ALREADY_RETURNED after trying to download the same eBook again.

Please check if you are using the latest version of your Software:

  • Adobe Digital Editions
  • Onleihe-App
  • external reading app

Please note that in the event of a failed return the borrowed eBook can not be downloaded or returned until the end of the loan period. Please use a new eBook and download it to test whether the return will work after you upgrade ADE.

  • An early return of english titles from the supplier Baker & Taylor is currently not possible. Due to technical different settings of the supplier, those books cannot be returned early. When you attempt return a title from this category, the title disappears from  ADE or from the "on your device" tab in the app, but not from your account. The title is then no longer usable until the end of the loan period.

  • We can not guarantee the return functionionality with all version of Adobe Digital Editions or all existing reading apps and their versions.