There may be conflicts while using Adobe Digital Editions under MAC OS. Adobe Digital Editions crashes or the loading process freezes.

After all the feedback we have received so far, we are certain that the conflicts occur with the operating systems OSX 10.10 and 10.11. This may have been caused due to a security update.


  1. Workaround:
    • Download and open the * .acsm file
    • End the program ADE with "End immediately"
    • Open the downloaded ePub in the folder "Documents" → "Digital Editions"
    • ADE opens again will open the eBook

We also contacted Adobe and Apple to find a solution. Both companies refer to each as cause of the error.

Users may also contact the respective companies themselves. The error is not solvable by the divibib. We are bound to the current specifications set by the Adobe DRM and required by the publishers.