Despite a correct Adobe ID, despite a current software version, despite the correct date and time settings the pocketbook 623 will show the message "This book can not be opened ...". Why is that so?

We have received the following feedback from Pocketbook Team:

Please reformat the internal memory of your device:

  • In the menu of the Pocketbook, select "Settings" → "Maintenance" → "Reformat internal memory". Attention: All saved eBooks will be deleted. Please create a backup copy of your content, if necessary.
  • Launch Adobe Digital Editions on your computer.
  • If you have not yet authorized ADE on your computer with your Adobe ID. Please do this now. 
  • Switch your Pocketbook on and connect it to the PC.
  • The device will appear in ADE under "Devices".
  • Click on the wheel above the eReader
  • Select "Authorize" and authorize the Pocketbook with your Adobe ID.
  • Transfer your eBook to your Pocketbook.