Last update: 25.08.2017

Advices on using the Onleihe with outdated or older devices:

Smartphones and tablets with software versions older than iOS 9.X / Android 4.4

The Onleihe app can not be installed

eBooks, eMagazines, ePaper(tick)

can be borrowed via the smartphone's browser and read with a reading app like Bluefire or Aldiko. We have tested the mobile browser "Chrome" successfully for this process.

eAudios, eVideos, eMusic(error)can not be used.


Sony Reader

Software „Sony Reader for PC“


can no longer read the new DRM standard. A transfer is currently possible using Adobe Digital Editions. Read more here.

Tolino Shine(tick)

Currently, the Onleihe can be used without any restrictions on a Tolino Shine. However, from the Tolino alliance, we know that updating the software of the Shine involves a lot of effort and therefore may not be guaranteed for the future. Even then, a transfer with the PC using ADE should still be possible.

The Tolino Shine should not to be confused with the Tolino Shine 2 HD! This is a more recent device and not affected by any restrictions.

Direct download with generally older readers


If a direct download is not possible, please check if the firmware of the device can be updated. If this also does not help, it is possible that the device can no longer read the latest DRM standards. A transfer should then be possible with ADE via the PC.


Windows XP / Windows 7

With Windows XP / Windows 7, we can no longer guarantee the use of the Onleihe and the required software required, because these versions of Windows are no longer supported by Microsoft with software updates.

Adobe Digital Editions(error)

Please always use the latest software version if possible. Depending on the DRM of the eBook, older versions of ADE may experience opening errors.