Created on: 2020/07/18
Last updated on: 2021/10/11


If you want to transfer the medium on the PC with a reader other than the Onleihe:reader (e.g. Adobe Digital Editions) or via cable, you can access the downloadable file from the Web Onleihe by clicking on button "Download".

This way you can download the URLLINK.ACSM file and open the contents.

If no "Read Now" button is displayed for a title, no version with CARE-DRM encryption is available for the Onleihe: reader. The title can only be downloaded by using the "Download" button.

The outdated additional software "Sony Reader for PC / MAC" by which copy-protected eBooks can be transferred to Sony eReader is no longer compatible with the current DRM standards. You can therefore no longer download the eBooks from the onleihe using this software. 

The use of ePub formats is restricted under Linux. "Wine" must be installed in order to use it.

Download the free software Adobe Digital Editions (ADE) for Windows or Mac here. Adobe Digital Editions

Click on "Run". Check "I accept the license agreement" and then select "Next" twice


Enter a target directory as the storage location of the program and click on "Install". Click on "Finish" and finally on "DONE".


In Adobe Digital Editions, click on "Help" → "Authorize Computer".


If you do not have an Adobe ID, click on "Create Adobe ID". You will be redirected to the Adobe registration page. Fill in the fields.

Your email address given here will be your Adobe ID in the future. Note your password. You'll need it in the next step. Finally click on "Register".

To protect the eBooks, the Onleihe also uses the copy protection (DRM) from Adobe. In order to be able to transfer eBooks from the Onleihe using Adobe Digital Editions to your eBook reader, you need an Adobe ID. With this ID, you authorize all eBook readers with which you would like to read e-books from the Onleihe in this manner (up to 6 end devices can be registered).


Switch back to "Adobe Digital Editions": Enter your Adobe ID and password and click on "Authorize". Finally select "OK".


If you want to delete the current computer authorization, read here: Remove Adobe ID / deauthorize ADE

Visit the Onleihe site of your library. Once you have found a title that you like, hover over "Borrow now" with your mouse, select the desired lending period from the pop-up menu and click on "Borrow now".

If a title is not available, you can reserve it and will be notified by email as soon as it is available.

You will be asked to register at your Onleihe. Select your library and then enter your user number and password according to the information above the login mask.

The exact form of entering the password differs depending on the library and can therefore differ from the example shown here.

Finally click on "Download".

Choose "Open" → "Adobe Digital Editions" → "OK".


The window does not appear? In that case your internet browser has probably already saved the file. Go to the "Downloads" folder. The downloaded file is called URLLink.acsm. Right-click on the file and select "Open With" → "Adobe Digital Editions".

ADE is not offered to you in the screen above even though you have installed it? This seems to happen especially on Windows 10. Select "More apps" and then "Find another app on this PC". In the file explorer that opens, select the .exe file directly from ADE under "c:/Programs (x86)/Adobe/Adobe Edition". Your PC will remember this process. In the future, ADE will be directly offered to you when opening eBooks.

Adobe Digital Editions starts and the eBook opens directly. You are now in reading mode. Click on "Library" in the top left to return to the menu.

Connect your eBook reader to the computer via a USB cable. After a short time your reader will appear under the heading "Devices". Click on the eBook and drag it onto the icon of the eBook reader.

You can now disconnect the eReader from the PC and start reading.


For a successful transfer, the Adobe ID on the eBook reader must match the Adobe ID in "Adobe Digital Editions".

Normally, the Adobe ID of the computer is automatically transferred to the reader when copying. If this is not the case, you must enter the Adobe ID directly in the settings of the reader.

The return takes place automatically at the end of the lending period. If you would like to return the eBook before the end of the lending period, proceed as follows:

Open Adobe Digital Editions and right-click on the eBook you want to return. Select "Return borrowed medium".

The eBook will then be deleted from your device and your Onleihe account and can be borrowed by other users.