Status: 2020/12/15

The Version 14.1.0 has been rolled out on all Tolino eReader models since November 25, 2020 and can be downloaded manually from the Tolino website if required.

The Tolino Shine 1 is excluded from the update. For this model, Tolino has not provided any new updates since software version 10.5.0.

The following changes and improvements are included in the update:

  • The query with the recommendation to activate the BETA feature “tolino reading experience” when borrowing a title for the first time that is encrypted with the CARE copy protection has been removed
  • The stability of the BETA feature has been increased, "white pages" and "missing text" errors or the scrolling of pages have been greatly reduced
  • Returning borrowed titles when the BETA feature is activated is now possible without an error message
  • Zooming with two fingers (pinch zoom) is no problem again when the BETA feature is activated
  • The font sizes have been optimized for the BETA feature
  • The page turn swipe function is now integrated in the BETA feature
  • The function of tapping on the back to scroll (tap2flip function) has been added to the BETA feature
  • The last read book sleepscreen works again

Without the activation of the BETA feature, the previously reported defective ePub3 titles can still not be read on the Tolino!

Further information on the feature can be found in the entry Tolino update software version 14.0.x on our help page.