Created on: 2021/03/19
Last updated on: 2021/03/19

The BETA feature “tolino reading experience” is an optional reader that is still in the development phase (BETA).
This feature has been available since software update 14.0.0.

Since the feature is in the test phase, some functions are not yet fully available or do not work correctly.
However, we recommend using this feature, as titles with our DRM in particular benefit from the new developments.

The feature can be activated or deactivated at any time in the settings of the tolino.

To do this, open the tolino's menu and select "Settings"> "Reading settings". There you will find the feature under “tolino reading experience” separately for eBooks with LCP encryption (borrowed media) and eBooks without DRM (purchased media).

To select or deselect the online library media feature, simply set the stylized toggle switch of the "Enable for books with LCP encryption (e.g. Onleihe)" option by tapping "ON" for activated or "OFF" for deactivated.


What are the advantages and disadvantages of the BETA feature?

With the help of this feature, the previously reported defective ePub3 titles can be read on the tolino.

Without this feature, the previous reader is used. This means that such titles can still only be used via a detour on the tolino.

For more information see here.

Please understand that some functions in the BETA feature are not yet fully available or that they cause errors when activated. This includes, for example:

  • Markings, notes cannot be made.
  • Pinch-zoom function (change the font size with 2 fingers by zooming).
  • Returning a borrowed title causes a misleading notice. Please note that the title is returned in the background, but not deleted from the device.
  • Cover display of borrowed titles.
  • Scroll by swiping or pressing a button (e.g. pages can be skipped).
  • Function for setting bookmarks is missing.